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This is the book in which Servant Rosemary Gomes explains how she found in the Bible the answers she needed to change and restructure her entire life, her relationships and organize her inner "self".

If you need to change situations in your life, this book is a good start.

An easy and enjoyable read book. It cannot be missing from your library.

Currently, in the year 2023, the author, in addition to being a writer, is also graduating to become a Theologian, and works as a Clinical Psychoanalyst with specializations in managing depression, panic, anxiety, phobia, suicidal ideation, in addition to helping against religious trauma. As we can see from the book, since its publication until today, Serva Rosemary Gomes, who is now Psi Serva Rosemary Gomes, continues to show how much she has grown and learned and freed herself from everything that caused her suffering. We hope this work can inspire you.


Book for direct download onto your smartphone, tablet or PC, after purchase, simply download and we will also send you an email with the link. download for a period of 30 days.

He made me a new vessel - The book - ISBN 978-65-00-11829-2

  • All Psi Serva Rosemary Gomes books are licensed for sale. The book Men of the Bible - Behaviors Series, is registered with the code 978-65-00-11829-2

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