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Psi Serva Rosemary Gomes


Who am I

My  My name is Rosemary Gomes, I am a clinical psychoanalyst, also approaching brief psychoanalytic psychotherapy and I specialize in clinical management against depression, anxiety, phobias, panic and suicidal ideations, I also have experience in managing conflict in couples and religious traumas and I have an emphasis on female therapeutic treatment, I am also majoring in theology.


I'll tell myselfny story.

I was born in the city of São Paulo and at the age of 14 I migrated to a city in the south of Minas Gerais called Congonhal, from the age of 16 until I was 40 I suffered from depression, anxiety, panic and I'm not even saying suicidal ideations, as there were many suicide attempts .


To give you an idea of the severity of my mental health situation, I stabbed myself in the stomach, I drank SBP aerosol insecticide, and I lost count of the times I "doped" myself with pills, I once took 3 whole packs with Rivotril, I looked like a zombie.


He hit me, he hit my head against the wall, he bit me, I even cut my hair very short, "a rat's way" that's all. I went 1 week without taking a shower. 

You can be sure, if there's one person who won't think you're cool, that you're being dramatic, that you're "lack of God", etc., it's me.

When I got rid of this sad and desperate situation, I soon decided that I wanted to work in this area, since I have so much experience in this, as I suffered personally, so I dedicated myself and continue to dedicate myself to studies, on an ongoing basis, to be able to help you to achieve what I also achieved.

We often don't understand what we went through, see what my experience was like, I suffered moral and physical abuse, a toxic marriage, I drank compulsively, I smoked around 4 packs of cigarettes a day, I was bitter, frustrated, depressed, unloved, and everything bad that one can think of, he wanted death.

I didn't know how to impose myself, I didn't know how to say no and the more I did, it seemed like people mistreated me the more. It was overloaded and yet undervalued. The people who "had to love me" were the ones who mistreated me the most.

Today I proclaim life, I am cheerful, happy, and life's problems cannot get me down. My happiness does not depend on anyone and I don't need to prove anything to anyone to just be me.

Logically, I didn't stop having problems in life, but I learned to deal with all of them, I redefined what traumatized me, I learned to accept myself, to love myself and if you identify with this case, know that if I can do it, you can too.

This is a small summary of my life. 

Continue on this page and now see a brief explanation about the work I do, the place where I work and the values and conditions I offer, so that you can receive differentiated treatment.

This is the analytical setting, from here I will assist you, in person or online, in the way that best suits your availability.

This means that I have a physical space and a CNPJ.


And why is this important?

In the world we live in today, this is a big difference, especially for your security and trust.


Psicólogo adolescente
Do you know what clinical psychoanalysis is? I will explain it to you in a way that you understand. First I will talk about psychiatry and psychology.
The psychiatrist analyzes your symptoms and prescribes medication to make your discomfort more bearable, but that's all, without psychotherapy you won't get lasting results, as the body gets used to the medication and the symptoms return.
The psychologist examines your quality of life and guides you to seek a healthier life. He checks your sleep hygiene, your diet, and whether you do regular physical exercise. All of this is important, it helps, but if the problem comes from trauma and psychological constructions, it won't produce much results.
The Psychoanalyst carries out an investigation and analysis of your entire psychological construction, seeking to discover your personality, that is, what is out of balance. With this, you have access to your traumas, conflicts and frustrations. Accessing childhood, adolescence and adult life.Normally the speech comes all "cramped", the psychoanalyst "unravels" it and delivers it in a way that allows one to understand what is happening and with this, the problem stops being unconscious and becomes conscious, so that it can be understood by the patient.
This work presents excellent results and most importantly, when worked properly, in a partnership between the professional and the patient, the results are long-lasting and often permanent.
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